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Identify the ads and campaigns that deliver sales and results. Analyze, track, and record inbound phone calls from your online and offline ad conversions to optimize your keywords and improve your ROI.

Perform quality assurance checks. Improve customer service by monitoring compliance to your scripts and the phone etiquette of your staff.

The Problem

Your business spends thousands of dollars on both online and offline advertising. It is nearly impossible to keep track of all your inbound marketing campaign calls and there is no feasible way to measure results. Which medium, ad, or keyword delivers your sales? More challenging yet, what happens to your leads once they get in your door? Not all inbound calls are leads and not all leads turn into sales.

The Solution

Save thousands by identifying the marketing channels that generate leads. Measure the phone calls you receive from your online and offline marketing efforts, including PPC, websites, direct mail, newspaper, radio, TV, and printed brochures. Learn more about your customers, your staff, and your campaigns so you can improve your performance and close more sales.

Simple and Powerful Call Tracking

Quickly and easily set up campaign phone numbers. Record, track, and analyze calls. Get email notifications with call recording links. Know which ads are working, which agents are performing, and where to spend your advertising dollars.