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Online Digital Marketing Services

Online digital marketing services by Xpedited Multimedia, an integrated, full-service, online digital marketing agency that provides digital (online) and traditional (offlinemarketing services. We craft beautiful, functional, and interconnected marketing campaigns with a variety of assets to narrate your story while growing your business. Our creative team develops effective marketing projects to meet and exceed your small or corporate business needs. Our online digital marketing services include web design, print design, video marketing, branding, SEO, social media marketing, and sales funnel automation to name a few. View the complete list of our marketing services here.
  • Marketing Automation

    Streamline your marketing process and sales funnels with money/time saving tools for your website,  CRM, Emails, and more.

  • Multimedia Design

    Visually appealing and cleanly designed multimedia assets to tell your story effectively. Graphic and video design, audio, interactive, and more.

  • SEO Services

    Make it easy for your potential customers to find you online with top search engine positioning. Local, national, and international SEO services.

  • Analytics

    Make informed decisions based on solid and accurate performance data. Analytics for your advertising, organic traffic, telephone calls, agent performance, and more.

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  • Web Design

    Great looking, modern, mobile, and functional web design for your specific needs. Captivate your audience with engaging and rich website elements.

  • Custom CRM Systems

    Customized CRM systems for your industry. Personalized sales flow, funnel, and process. Granular control for unlimited users. Low cost world-class features.

  • Call Tracking

    Full featured call tracking with analytics/reporting for your advertising campaigns. Know which ads deliver results and allocate your marketing budget accordingly.

  • Content Marketing

    Content is king. Engaging and relevant content coupled with powerful SEO services for front and center branding and traffic generating assets.


See Your Sales Grow With Beautiful, Modern, and Functional Web Design

Eye-Catching & Functional Web Design

Beautiful and functional web design for today’s online marketing needs. Tell your story with a modern, mobile-friendly,  and eye-catching website worthy of your passion and dedication. A gorgeous exterior matched by a powerful and productive interior to exceed your customer’s expectations. Today’s websites are not yesterday’s business cards. In many cases, they are the lifeline of a business. Delivering growth and providing sales at a lower cost than any other advertising platform. Whether you are looking for high quality organic traffic or searching for a solid end point for your paid advertising, an engaging and integrated website will make or break your online marketing efforts. Clean, modern, and affordable web design with world-class results.


Digital assets for online marketing and communications.


Online video marketing for branding, lead generation, and search engine positioning.


Graphic design for your marketing collateral and print advertising.

Full Service Online Digital Marketing Services

One stop online digital marketing services. No need to look for a graphic designer, web designer, video designer, copywriter, and SEO expert seperately. Our integrated marketing services include web design, graphic design, video marketing, branding, SEO, social media, and sales funnel automation to name a few.

Online Marketing

Delivering high-impact online marketing services to promote your products or services effectively. Skyrocket your online visibility with search engine friendly assets such as websites, landing pages, SEO, citations/business listings, social media, blogs, bookmarks, and more. Lead generating solutions for your niche, to include keyword research, email campaigns, and paid advertising campaigns. Show up on the top search engine results and see your lead count rise.

Offline Marketing

Offering clean and modern marketing collateral design for your marketing and advertising needs. From brochures, door hangers, and flyers to complex product catalogs, we have you covered. Besides your website, your business cards and other printed marketing materials are your first impression. Let us express your brand’s image, philosophy, and strengths with beautifully designed visuals that capture your company’s essence.

Video Marketing

Visitors trust websites that have videos. These visitors are far more likely to become PAYING CUSTOMERS. Our video marketing services will get you started quickly in harnessing the power of online video. Customized motion graphics, professional voice over/acting personalities, and more. Get brand recognition in a few days with our google search YouTube video placement. Tell your story clearly and eloquently without breaking the bank.

Selected Projects


See how well your website is performing and learn how to make it bettter!

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Marketing Automation

Succeed in today’s cut throat market by reducing operating costs while delivering quality. Automate many of your tasks in email, social media, ecommerce, CRM, and sales funnel marketing actions. Optimize your lead flow for a fast and reliable sales funnel. Own your own IVR phone system, phone call tracking, and text messaging platforms at affordable pricing.

  • Automated Email campaigns

  • Automated IVR Phone Systems

  • Automated Advertising Call Tracking

  • Automated Social Media Posting and Syndication

  • Automated lead delivery to CRM

  • Automated Touch Point Communications/Notifications

Custom CRM Systems

Manage all of your company’s relationships and interactions with our affordable, user friendly, and fully integrated customer relationship management (CRM) suite. Featuring true click to call, sms messaging, reporting, lead distribution, and push notification functionality for a cost saving and efficient solution. Tons of automation and customization possibilities. Integrations, webhooks, and API’s for that robust, top of the line technology your company deserves. One time set up fee with zero monthly payments, regardless of the number of agents in your team. Need custom crm functionality? Xpedited Multimedia-it’s that simple.

  • Low cost click to call. No dialer or complicated and expensive pbx/equipment.

  • SMS messaging for individual or campaign use.

  • Round robin, even lead distribution for your teams.

  • Tons of automation possibilities

  • Touch point push notifications

  • Robust reporting engine. No complex and costly sql queries needed.

  • Estimation, Invoicing, and Inventory capabilities

  • Much more!

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Advertisement Call Tracking

If you are spending money on advertising but don’t know which ads are generating leads or making you money, then our call tracking solution was made for you. Assign a dedicated phone number to each of your ads and forward incoming calls to any internal phone line of your choice. All call sources are tracked, recorded, and assigned to the agents of your choice.

  • Automated Email campaigns

  • Automated IVR Phone Systems

  • Automated Advertising Call Tracking

  • Automated Social Media Posting and Syndication

  • Automated lead delivery to CRM

  • Automated Touch Point Communications/Notifications

SEO Services

Search Engine optimization (SEO) is a set of strategies that are designed to make it possible for internet users to find your website easier and faster, using relevant keywords, or words that are related to your website or business. When someone wants to find something on the internet, they type in terms that are related to his/her search.  The first page showing the relevant search term(s) contains links to web assets that will most likely get the most traffic or visits. The majority of people do not look beyond page 1 and 2 for their desired search. That is why SEO is such a huge part of online marketing and web development. What good is your website if it will never be found, right? Those web pages or assets at the top of the search results got there because they were search engine optimized.

  • Automated Email campaigns

  • Automated IVR Phone Systems

  • Automated Advertising Call Tracking

  • Automated Social Media Posting and Syndication

  • Automated lead delivery to CRM

  • Automated Touch Point Communications/Notifications

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