Branding and Corporate Image

Branding and Corporate Image

Corporate image is what differentiates a business from other companies or competitors. This ideal corporate image aims to create a near perfect picture of the corporation, its productivity, principles, and beliefs in the hearts and minds of consumers, employees, investors, and the public. This corporate image is capable of boosting the sales and value of the products or services offered by a company. Your business brand makes your company unique, defining who you are or who you want to be seen as.  

Planning Your Branding and Corporate Image

However, creating and maintaining this corporate image is not an easy task and it should be carefully planned by you in conjunction with seasoned professionals. The aim of your preferred image is to attract customers; make the company stand out among others, and it should creative and appealing. Think Starbucks, iPhone, and Honda among many others. Random Acts of Helpfulness ring a bell? Yes, corporate social responsibility (CSR) should be a big part of your corporate image policy. Your business philosophy and name should reflect your corporate image.

Visual Brand Identity

Once you have defined your corporate image, the next step should be defining your visual brand identity. Your company logo is obviously a great starting point. Color schemes, fonts, and the overall style of your corporate image will easily flow from here on. Consistency being key. You can then work on advertisement and distribution of products in the market. If your company specializes in creating luxury products, they should seek the expertise of advertising professionals and perhaps make use of celebrity models. Location, location, location. Focus on  hi-fi malls and avoid distributing your products to just any store. Image is everything.

Public Relations

A well-crafted image of a company can be easily tarnished by magazines, testimonies of newspapers, etc. In today’s online world, online reviews can wreck havoc on any business. A simple negative review can tarnish your perfectly planned and executed corporate image. If left unresolved, it can damage your brand indefinitely. Create a process or online reputation management policy to mitigate negative online reviews or comments. Honesty is the best policy and a negative incident can actually be perceived as positive if handled properly. Make it right. Trust-if you build it, they will come. Corny, but very true. The image of a company should be a long-term strategy. Once created, every possible means should be applied to retain it. It should reflect in every product and brand of YOUR company. If a single product or service is sub-standard, it’s capable of raising confusion among customers which will definitely hit the sales revenue of the corporation. Your corporate image should truly represent the values of your corporation. Make it ring a bell in the ears of your consumers and leave an impression in their hearts.